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Welcome to CSDNet

The last half-century has witnessed tremendous growth in the number of advocates of “systems thinking” as a more appropriate way to address social, economic and environmental problems System Dynamics (SD) is a broadly applicable approach to problem solving that underlies “systems thinking”. Using SD, a real-life problem can be expressed as a feedback model that can help to facilitate understanding of how a problem developed over time, and to suggest lasting solutions to the problem.

The Cornell System Dynamics Network (CSDNet) is a group of faculty, students and staff from various departments with an interest in the application of systems modeling and systems thinking in research, instruction, outreach and administration. Current CSDNet activities emphasize the application of system dynamics in research. CSDNet undertakes the following activities:

If you are interested in knowing more about CSDNet activities, please contact Chuck Nicholson, the CSDNet Coordinator. To join the CSDNet email list, please send an email to

Additional Documents about System Dynamics at Cornell University:

If you are interested in learning more about system dynamics basics, places to start are: